Review: Clean Scents

For over a year, I've been on a casual search for a perfume. While I still love Kate Walsh's Boyfriend, the smell changes radically when I have a migraine and the boyfriend becomes one abusive sharp note. (If you have migraines like I do, take advantage of Sephora's samples so you can see how you react to the smell on a bad day.)

On top of the migraine issue, I'm in a bit of a bind regarding scents in general. I don't like floral or sweet smells on my body. Woodsy and Asian are my notes, and those are limited in women's perfumes. (becca has just given up hope of finding something at the women's counter and has started looking for a cologne.) 

Though I hadn't thought of it, I also love the smell of clean. I tend to buy candles in scents like crisp cotton or fresh linen, and I love to bury my nose in my husband's neck after he's showered. So I was pretty excited to find a line of perfumes called Clean.

Clean smells clean. (That sentence will change lives, my friend. You may now submit my name for a Webby. Please use the phrase "keen observation and wit.") In addition to their eponymous Clean fragrance, Clean has a variety of fresh offerings from Outdoor Shower Fresh to Cotton T-Shirt. My favorites are Shower Fresh and Skin. Shower Fresh smells like a sunny summer day and breaks down into a bright floral. The scent is also available in a bath and body set. I may have found a winner with Skin. While there are floral notes in the perfume the overall impression is warmth; in fact, it smells like someone you want to hug. Is there a better thing to smell like?

The only detractor is that neither scent will last you from morning until bedtime. However if you are someone who wears perfume for special occasions instead of as part of your daily routine, it's a non-issue. A 1oz. bottle is $38 at Sephora, considerably cheaper than most popular fragrances on the market.


Jennifer Wells said…
You may want to check out Estee Lauder's "Pleasures." It's one of the cleanest fragrances out there.

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