Hairstyles for Hiding Bad Hair Days

I learned something about doing my hair about 10 years ago--I have no control. My hair is curly so I just have to let it do it's thing. It won't look perfect everyday, but I won't pull it out trying to make it cooperate. I do have some days when my hair won't do anything. Those days require some quick thinking and even quicker hair styles since I don't own many hats or much patience.

A while back, I asked how you, dear readers, cope with bad hair days. Most of your said "hats" or "put it up." One reader suggested half wigs, and another loves an elegant French twist. Jael Paris said she likes to wear bold lipstick or jewelry to distract from hair horror.

The day before I posted that question, my hair managed to be frizzy and flat and weirdly straight in spots. I gave up and literally put a sock in it. Mr. Kate posted a cute tutorial on HelloGiggles on how to make a big bun using a sock. If I had it to do over, I'd put the but further back on my head. I'd also take the bun out for the evening because it left me with really pretty waves. (This would be a great way to make Princess Leigha buns at Halloween).

If you have long hair, braids are a great way to hide a bad hair day. Even a messy braid can look quite nice. I love this Italian Renaissance Braid because it it can hide slightly dirty hair and you get to wrap a ribbon around the braid to hid imperfections. I also like braided style because my hair refuses to do a ponytails or bun without creating a halo of frizzies and flyaways that nothing will tame.

We featured this video in a round-up post a while ago, but the styling process is actually a cute style for a casual day. Plus, you'll get great curls when you go out at night.

Do you have any other go to style for a bad hair day? What about easy styles for those days you just don't want to deal with your hair?


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