Finding the Perfect Purse

I know a lot of women who are purse addicts. They have more purses than I have individual shoes. I'm not one of those women. Don't get me wrong, I love bags. I'm just really picky. When my favorite purse fell apart in 2006, I spent almost two years looking for a replacement. That replacement, pictured here, is still my everyday purse. I've had a few others in that time, but they aren't perfect like the one I've been carrying since late 2007. (It's 2012. Yikes!)

This bag has almost everything I require:
  • Three main compartments--two large, one small
  • Zipper closures on all the main compartments (or I will lose stuff)
  • Pockets on the inside for my phone and sunglasses
  • Must be cute (which is hard to find since my organization requirements only occur in "old lady" purses).
  • Can't be too heavy when empty (because I will pack it)
  • Must comfortably fit a wallet that doesn't close, a change purse, a card holder, a smart phone, sunglasses, a notebook and pen, business cards, an easily accessible Epi pen and pharmacy of allergy meds, hand lotion, lip balm, my keys and hand wipes, with room for other random finds
  • Should be a fun color (mine is black, sadly)
  • Should work for all seasons because I'd rather not switch bags

It even has a tiny pocket on the front where I keep coupons, business cards and frequent customer cards. The only feature I'd really like to add is an optional shoulder strap, but I usually have my bag in my hand so that's not an issue.

It needs to be replaced. It's treadbare. (It didn't hold up like I'd hoped a bag from Anthropologie would. It's been falling apart since mid-2008). But I don't want a new purse. I want this purse (in an assortment of colors). The friends I've been purse shopping with just throw their hands up at my tiny complaints about each option they present. Perhaps I'll learn to sew well enough to recreate my current bag before things start falling through the bottom of it.

What makes a bag perfect for you? Are you the type to collect a variety, or do you have one or two main bags at a time? Is anyone else as picky as I am?


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