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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Vintage: Peignoir

This last month I started watching Mad Men. (I know! I'm behind!) Yes, the clothes are amazing, but what I'm currently loving is the lacy sheer nightgowns with matching robes. The peignoir was a bed time staple for decades. It has a sexy airiness and actually wouldn't be out of place as a date dress today (but please wear some sort of liner underneath). They're so put together, like a matching belt, shoes and purse.

Short Petal Peignoir 1960s -- SkivvyLuLuVintage

Low-Cut Orange Peignoir -- Mad Mak's Closet

Cream Silk Lace Set 1930s -- Anatomy Vintage

Pink Satin and Black Lace -- Vintage and Name Brand

Embroidered Gown and Robe 1950s -- Hep Cat Clothes

Baby Blue Pleated Peignoir 1960s -- Redhotboogaloo Vintage


Nora Bradshaw said...

I prefer the more structured ones.

I have a love/hate relationship with the clothing on Mad Men. Beautiful, yes, but the misogyny of the program colors the dresses/skirts for me in a way that gives me the creeps.

This is a complicated issue for me.

Jael Paris said...

The sexism doesn't ruin the clothes for me as sexism has always been and still is. I have more of an issue with people thinking I'm stupid because I'm wearing pink or easy because I'm in heels or shallow because I'm in a dress.

Nora Bradshaw said...

I can't argue against prejudice being a part of human nature.

Sometimes, it feels like being pushed/pulled in opposite directions at the same time, like there's always someone who will criticize or make a big deal out of what women wear.

I remember watching a movie with Melanie Griffith (Working Girl?) and Harrison Ford's character remarks about some of the women in his office, "They dress the way that men would dress if they were trying to dress like women."

I suppose that's life, though.

I fail to see how anyone could think you are stupid.

Amber said...

Somehow I'm just now seeing this, but thanks so much for featuring my peignoir set in the showdown. It has a happy home now! Your blog is great, and I'm amazed at the discussions you've started in the comments section. I'll be back!
- Amber

becca said...

Amber, Thanks!

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