Love or Loathe: Patchwork Bag

Seeing as I'm not a patchwork fan, I shouldn't like this Tylie Malibu "Prana" tote, yet it bears a world traveler charm. (As I'm trying to save money, I can't travel anywhere this year. Instead, I'm trying to read more books set overseas. The list to read so far includes Reading Lolita in Tehran, Three Cups of Tea, Becoming Madame Mao, and Hitchhiking Vietnam.) This large bag almost looks like something you'd pick up in a market in Nepal after your back pack strap gives out (shakes angry fist at memory). That's also my problem with the bag. I don't like it enough for it to not be a souvenir. I couldn't even see myself buying something like this from one of those companies that helps women in the third world and developing countries sell their crafts. The bag, for me, needs a memory attached to it. I certainly don't like it enough to spend over $200 on it.

How do you feel about this bag, about patchwork and about things that look like souvenirs but aren't?


Jennifer Wells said…
I think that the little tassels are too much. Also, I would like it better if it was bigger and was a cross-body bag.
becca said…
I like a lot of patchwork stuff, but this is too much.

I agree with Nora that the little pom pom tassel things are too much, and it needs to be a cross-body bag.

Also, the colors need to be different, more unified. Something. The various squares are fighting rather than working together.

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