Etsy Shop of the Week: Marcia Lacher Millinery

Shop: Marcia Lacher Millinery

Why We Love It: Ever since the media frenzy surrounding the royal wedding last year, I've been hoping the fascination with Kate Middleton's style would bring back hats. These vintage-inspired toppers from Marcia Lacher are certainly poised for a comeback.

Price Range: $55 - $495

Links: Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items: Women's Fedora Hat $275 (pictured); 1920s Cocktail Tilt Hat $275; Flapper Cloche Hat $255; Bow Cocktail Hat $250; 1940s Straw Saucer Hat $245; Turban Style Cloche Hat $240; Shaped Beret $255


Nikell said…
I LOVE that hat!! It reminds me of the hat in my Mod.s.t Fashions logo. I wish women in the US rocked hats like British women. The only time you really see it here is during the Kentucky Derby.

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