Etsy Shop of the Week: Pink Purr

Shop: Pink Purr

Why We Love It: Pink Purr makes retro styles and vintage reproductions. If you've ever wished you could have Maggie the Cat's dress or look like Marilyn Monroe, Pink Purr can make your dreams come true. (You can even get a Wonder Woman costume!)

Price Range: $79.99 - $650

More Info: Pink Purr offers a lot of customization and a wide variety of prints and colors for almost every look.

Favorite Items: Cat on A Hot Tin Roof Maggie Dress $495 (pictured); Leopard Halter Dress $169; Seven Year Itch Marilyn Dress $129; Gingham Halter Dress $169


Jael Paris said…
I will have that Maggie dress. Yes, I will.
Thanks FMF! Had no idea PinkPurr was your choice of "shop of the week"! I appreciate it -!-

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