Weekend Fashion Find: Fit to be Tied

Tomorrow is Father's Day. If you're giving dear old dad another necktie (my dad is impossible to buy for so I actually considered it), he may have a few you can clean out of his closet and use for new, fashionable pursuits. We all know neckties can make excellent belts, hair ribbons and even skirts, but necktie crafts don't have to stop there.

Green Eggs and Ham has a tutorial for this stunning necktie statement necklace (pictured right).

DIY Network has a video on how to make a tote bag out of neckties and cloth napkins. If you want a necktie only bag, try this necktie purse from Sonya Style.

Instead of threading a plain tie through your belt loops, craft a fancier belt like this necktie corset belt (pictured left).

For even more necktie craft ideas, check out Artful Ties, a blog filled with unique ideas for upcylcing old ties.


City Rocka said…
Ingenious idea! Hopefully, those of us who did buy ties for dad won't be selfish after seeing such a great necklace.
Rebecca Agra said…
I loved!

Regards from Brazil!
rachel said…
Fun! I have several ties that were once props but now need a better job than just hanging out in a bag in my closet. I'll have to give this a try!

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