I Love Kate Walsh's Boyfriend

Most fragrances for women are akin to a shrill girlish soprano trilling treacle of love and summer. I want something deeper and more natural from my scents. I want a perfume that knows heartache and may have a problem with whiskey. With that overwrought metaphor in mind, it shouldn't be a surprise that I prefer men's cologne to women's perfume.

I've shopped and shopped for perfume for years with a hit and miss success, but anything I've liked in the past has been blown out of the water by Boyfriend, a scent by actress Kate Walsh. (And you know it's good if I'm willing to promote a celebrity product.) Her goal was to capture the scent of a man's cologne lingering on a woman's body. With a woody, musk base and notes of jasmine, vanilla, amber and myrrh, it's the scent of my dreams.


Jennifer Wells said…

Fragrance is where it's at, and I feel the same way about perfumes that you feel about fashion.

Here's a fun review of this scent:


You might want to check out what she has to say about Shalimar, too. I understand that the 20s are your favorite fashion decade, which is when Shalimar made its debut. It's funny to think about my mom's favorite fragrance as being the original "bad girl," perfume.
JiaoJiao said…
ooh. You had me sold when you mentioned jasmin WITHOUT sweet things like Ylang ylang, apple, grapefruit, orange, peach, pear, caramel etc.

Jasmine and sandalwood are my two favs. I have a lot of perfumes cuz I like the cutesy bottles, but I always wear Haiku by Avon when I'm serious.

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