Pleated Shorts

I don't have a good relationship with shorts. Actually, my thighs don't have a good relationship with shorts. I can't find any that fit probably and don't ride up because of my curves. Jael Paris wrote recently about culottes, and though the word makes me shiver because of my years in private school, a long, loose short seems like quite a good idea. I've been searching for such a pleated short for a while, and, thankfully, stores are obliging with more options than ever before.
Pleated Denim Shorts, Kohls, $30
Long Cuffed Shorts, Kohls, $30.80
Pleated Side-Tie Shorts, Kohls, $30
High Waist Scallop Shorts, Urban Outfitters, $54
Dragonfly Culottes, Anthropologie, $68
Linen Cuffed Pleat Shorts, JCPenny, $24.95
Paper Bag Waist Pleat Shorts, ASOS, $60.34
Structured Pleated Shorts, ModCloth, $61.99
Chance of Clouds Tie Dye Shorts, ModCloth, $42.99


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