Etsy Shop of the Week: flipflaire

Shop: flipflaire

Why We Love It: Flip flops are a summer standby, and they don't have to be a fashion dud. A nice pair of leather or fabric flip flops with simple details can keep your feet cool and comfy all season. Flipflaire has created jewelry to make flip flops more fun. These snap-on baubles add a bit of flair to flip flops, strappy sandals, hats and so much more. (I think they'd look cute covering a plain buckle on the ankle strap of a shoe or creating a cute gather on a wide fabric headband.)

Price Range: Right now, all flipflaire costs $16.50 per set.

More Info: In honor of her niece, Rebecca, the owner of flipflaire has created Becca's Bucks, a program that donates one dollar to a children's cancer program for everyone $100 in sales.

Favorite Items: Shine Gold (pictured); Emerald Green; Star Bright; Beyond Brass; Ocean


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