Fantasy Shopping, Vicki Edition

The fine ladies who run the joint here asked me to do some fantasy shopping, stating it would be a good way for readers (that's you!) to get to know my style a bit more.

I fear I may reveal too much. Mostly that I'm a gigantic nerd, if that hadn't already become quite apparent. I really had no idea where to start with this, so I picked something that I'd wanted for a while but hadn't come across the right item in stores. I've been aching for a lace dress for ages, yet the perfect specimen remained elusive.

However, with no limitations on distance or price, this gorgeous Marc Jacobs dress from the Fall '11 line fits the bill perfectly! The deep, warm crimson color is one that looks killer against my skin and hair and is one of my wardrobe favorites. The shape is sexy without being too revealing, and the detail around the neck is downright regal.

Then, I had to pick shoes. I have to be honest, I know there are better shoes out there for this dress. But, dang it, this is MY fantasy, right? Right.

Jael is wholly responsible for my obsession with Frye boots, and long-time readers will know exactly why (I covet your boots, Jael, and if you did not have such dainty feet, I'd surely have thieved them by now). However, these gorgeous lace-up knee-high Julia boots are so very, very much my style. Knee-high boots possess inherent sex appeal, but the laces have a very Victorian-era feel that appeals to me greatly. And knee-high boots totally go with a lace dress. Because I said so, that's why. (In all seriousness, the taupe-y/gray color of these is a killer match with the brick red of the lace, and I would absolutely wear the two together.)

Now, here's where the nerdiness comes in. I felt that boots and a dress weren't very adventurous as far as fantasy shopping goes. I'm not one to lust over handbags or accessories; I prefer to wear my pearls with everything, and any ol' evening clutch will suit me fine. That leaves me with outerwear. The second I thought about jackets, I knew EXACTLY what would complete this -- or any -- outfit.
For those of you not busy squee'ing your heads off right now, this is an officially licensed Browncoat from the short-lived but much-loved television show Firefly (Amazon, $22.41). If you aren't familiar, it's about cowboys. In space. And it's on Netflix instant watch, so queue it up. You won't be disappointed. Even if it didn't come with the lore of an amazing series, this leather duster will definitely make a statement wherever it goes. In this case, the statement simply happens to be, "Let's go be bad guys".


Jennifer Wells said…
Beautiful. Everything.
Fanya said…
ohh! Love the lace dress! If you cinched it at knee and wear a fluffy chiffon underskirt underneath to make it fan out like a mermaid tail dress, I can see it on red carpet.

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