Poll: Perfume Bottles

When a friend of mine returned from a trip to Italy, she gave me a red, blown-glass atomizer. Retro, sexy and bold all at once -- it's awesome-sauce. I'm not the only woman who has a love for pretty bottles (and I will confess that good packaging can entice me to buy a product). If I were to have a dressing table full of perfume bottles, I'd most likely collect in shapes, all rounded or all sleek. Since I'm in love with the sexy torso bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique, it could be the standout centerpiece of my expensive collection.
Perfume Bottles

You can click on the itty bitty bottles for more info on the perfume.

Do you have a favorite perfume bottle?


Hope said…
I love Marc's Daisy and any Harajuku Lovers bottles! :)

becca said…
While I normally like sleek and simple interior design, I believe the more ornate the perfume bottle (and the more likely is seems a genie may emerge), the better.

I love how instantly recognizable perfume bottles are. I have no trouble spotting my mother's or grandmother's perfume bottles. They bring about warm, fuzzy thoughts of peeking at all the pretty things on their dressing tables when I was little. (Just like I can instantly smell them if someone walking past wearing their scent).
Fanya said…
I like variety (and of course I have to like the scent too).

Kaiku by Avon: frosted glass Japanese tower with a Mint green top.
J'adore: Sculptural curvy orange glass liquid with gold stem topped by a white gem.
Daisy: squarish with the bright innocent white flowers.

Now I want something super luxurious looking, so either Guilty by Gucci or Lady Million. But I want to wait until I finish at least 1 of the 3 I have.

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