8 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $150

Last weekend, I and three friends celebrated our wedding anniversaries. June's pretty popular for matrimony. (And I'm full of shocking revelations.) My small exposure to weddings has involved services in many different churches, gardens and a couple of museums, plus several receptions of just cake, a few full meals, one with dancing all night (plus a freakish storm), a few outdoor celebrations, and one with week old shrimp and a hoedown (We left quickly.). Here are some lovely dresses to cover you for day or night, church or garden, cake or a three-course meal, but I have no help for hoedowns.Top: perfect jersey dress, Anthropologie $138 (Available in 4 colors!)
red full dress, Target $39.99
grey shift, J. C. Penney's $66.99
orange pleat dress, Mod Cloth $59.99
Bottom: colorblock maxi, Macy's $89
teal silk wrap dress, The Out Net $130.80
green retro wiggle dress, Pin-Up Girl Clothing $108
navy eyelet shift, Nordstrom $118


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