Pick of the Week: Kinder Aggugini's Bubble Skirt

Kinder Aggugini has only been showing his eponymous at London Fashion Week for a few seasons, but his presence has been felt in the fashion world for years. He's worked for Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano and was briefly the head designer at Versace. Now this Italian, Brit punk has brought his show to Macy's. One of his print dresses was already featured in our spring dress roundup. Much as I want that dress, the tonal dot bubble skirt is is also calling my name. I can always use more skirts with shape, and this one looks comfy to boot. $59 for a versatile and fun cotton skirt isn't too shabby.


Anonymous said…
i love a good bubble skirt! very cute :)

becca said…
I like this. Remember when you couldn't get me in a bubble skirt? I was wrong. You were right. I love them now.

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