Love or Loathe: Shoepalooza

Something is up with shoe designers as I've grown quite the reservoir of shoes to love or loathe. Mind if we have a funky shoe festival?

If the blue on these Poetic Licence rainbow wedges was bright blue, I'd hate them. They'd be too Lolita, too Rainbow Bright. Steely navy, however, makes the heel a surprise. They seem retro kitsch instead. The purple is adorable. The rhinestone bow on each, however, gives me qualms.

United Nude gives you the option of a pump or mary jane with this removable strap on their "Lo Res" heel. That's interesting enough, but the fractured 8-bit look of the shoe is even more exciting. Available in four colors, they'd be perfect for dressing up your normal look. Can you imagine them in the office! Or maybe they're a little too chunky and clunky for you. The molded rubber can't be too comfortable either.
These dangerous beauties by Metropolis are for sale in the steampunk section of Sinister Soles, so they're not really being marketed to the Macy's crowd. The red one is freaking amazing from the wee spikes to the spine heel, and those details stand out even more on the neutral metallic. But I'm a little odd. What say you?
I like wedge heels for evening especially since a night out means dancing! The ribbon loops on Cindy Says' pale pink and lilac "Luxe" heel could be really cool, but I don't feel they're well-executed. But knowing they're on clearance makes me like them a little more.


rachel said…
I like number one, and if it didn't have the bow, I would love it. Numbers 2 and 3 are love, but shoe number 4... Looks like someone's niece got ahold of the craft glue and a spool of ribbon and decided to have a heyday on an otherwise cute wedge.
becca said…
I love the first three shoes. (The bow on the first ones might be a bit much, but I like a bit much.) Those steampunk shoes are just incredible!

The last pair is a good idea, but the execution really is off. Like Rachel said, they are more craft project than chic shoe. (However, attaching pleated ribbon to scuffed wedges could be a fun idea).
Anonymous said…
i don't like any of them...not even a little :/ it's a shame because united nude and poetic license are both usually super adorable shoes!
Princess said…
Im not a fan of ANY of them but I love that you always find these crazy unique shoes! Keep up the good work!

Come visit :)
Rachel said…
I'm going to vote love on all but the last ones... looks like tiny pillows glued to the heel. I'd totally wear the first ones.

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