Famous Fashion Photographers: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Louise Dahl-Wolfe (1895 - 1989) is regarded as one of the first major female fashion photographers beginning her decades-long career in the 1920s. She started as a freelance photographer then became a staff photographer for Harper’s Bazaar (pictured below). Famed fashion photographers, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, cited her as an influence. On of Dahl-Wolfe's most renown photos is the Harper’s Bazaar cover of Lauren Bacall that resulted in her discovery by director Howard Hawks’ wife, Nancy. (pictured right)
Her photography often took place in unusual outdoor landscapes or referenced famous works of art. She was a pioneer in the use of natural lighting and outdoor settings for fashion photography.
Louise Dahl-Wolfe used the balance and juxtaposition of light and dark as a rercurring theme throughout her work.

The below outfit is inspired by Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s photograph titled "Liz Gibbons as Photographer, 1938."



Susanelle said…
Wow, thanks for the fashion history mini-lesson and that's a cute outfit, too.

I wish all history lessons came with an outfit suggestion, lol.
becca said…
Thanks, Susanelle.

History lessons with outfit suggestions would have made my college history class a lot more interesting!
Jael Paris said…
I may have to take that as a styling challenge.
Suzanne said…
She had a real talent, and was an inspiration to many photographers after her. I love her images.

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