Weekend Fashion Find: Alexander McQueen Rugs

Before his death, Alexander McQueen collaborated with The Rug Company to make a collection of rugs and pillows in some of his signature prints. The rug prints include skulls (pictured right), feathers (which also sort of look like they are in flight or splitting apart beneath you), frenzied hummingbirds and a military brocade that seems normal at first glance, but upon closer inspection it actually looks like a snake emerging from some sort of tribal skull (pictured at bottom). The pillows include a hummingbird and white skulls on black or gold skulls on white (pictured below).

All rug prices are provided via a requested price list so I'm sure they are subject to change, but the McQueen rugs cost between $3,240 and $66,096 depending on size. The pillows cost $675 for the skulls and $895 for the hummingbirds . If all of that is out of your price range (I'm taking a wild guess that it might be), the company catalog costs $15 and looks like it includes some stunning interior design photography staged around the companies products, including other designers like Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson, Diane von Furtsenberg, Paul Smith, Disney and even "Paul Smith loves Disney."


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