Sapphire Costume Jewelry

Kate Middleton's stunning sapphire engagement ring seems to have sparked a flood of regal sapphire jewelry. Or perhaps it has just made me notice all of the sapphire jewelry around. Real sapphires are costly, but many of the costume version offer plenty of regal charm and that rich blue color. QVC even made a knock off (pictured right) of the ring Princess Diana originally picked out as her engagement ring in 1981. Thankfully, the QVC version costs much less at than the estimated half million dollar value of the real one. (The new knockoff sold out, but an earlier copy of Diana's ring--same ring--is still available on QVC for $54.60). These costume varieties also cost much less than their real counterparts while still offering all the glam and royal glitz. Pictured: (clockwise from top left)
Sapphire Long Pear Drop Earrings, Dillards, $115
Sapphire Pear Drop Necklace, Dillards, $295
Sapphire Pear Bracelet, Dillards, $185
Sapphire & Diamond Accent Hoop Earrings, Kohl's, $49.99
Square Created Sapphire Pendant, Target, $114.99
Sapphire & Diamond Heart Pendant,, $95
Diamonique & Simulated Sapphire Earrings, QVC, $206.72
Marquise-cut Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet, Macy's, $50
Sterling Silver Sapphire Circle Bangle, Macy's, $60


Costume Jewelry said…
Sapphire Jewelry is sophisticated and classic but expensive. I appreciate your effort for this brilliant write up!
Alexis Preatori said…
The sapphire pendant and sapphire ring is my favorite in your collections. Thanks for sharing this great deals.
The sapphire square pendant necklace looks absolutely very beautiful. I got mesmerized with the design.

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