Know Your Neutrals

Reader Susanelle asked if we adhere to the fashion idea that you always have black in your outfit. The short answer is all fashion rules can be broken. The longer answer is that if you're not confident about how to wear color, including a neutral base is always a good idea.
The trouble is most people don't know their neutrals. They're stuck on the idea that everything goes with black but everything else is limited. But neutrals include grey, beige, brown and even some colors such as navy, burgundy, aubergine, and moss. (One of my personal favorite neutrals is dark teal.) Not only are those colors great to mix and match, but you can pair them with anything!

Most paint companies promote painting a room a neutral color; then you don't have to worry about your walls clashing with the yellow flowers in your wedding portrait, the aqua vase you picked up in Seattle, and the colorful blanket your grandmother made you. The room on the right (and the outfit up top), for example, is almost entirely neutral colors save the pink and lilac. If you're still confused about color, go to the hardware store for paint samples and room ideas. What they've put together, you can try with your closet.

What are your favorite neutrals?


becca said…
Plum and aubergine (any deep purple-y color really) are favorites of mine. Other colors pop against the purples and it's a bit warmer against the skin than black.
Anonymous said…
nice post! I love the outfit you put together :)

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