Weekend Fashion Find: KOKO Lunch Totes

During a recent trip to Home Goods, I was a bit confused by what appeared to be a huge stash of purses in the kitchen section. When I got closer, I realized they were super cute and very functional lunch bags.

There are several brands, but the one I found with the biggest online presence is KOKO. Each bag is fully insulated, has a water bottle holder and comes with a cute little fork and spoon set. The material inside and out is easy to wipe clean in case of food spills. They cost between $16 and $30 (although, our trusty standbys Marshall/T.J.Maxx/Home Goods offer some great deals on these).

Pictured: Teresa Lunch Bag $24


Jael Paris said…
The handle on my klunky and childish looking lunch bag broke yesterday. I'm going to have to look into these.

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