Open Poll: Do You Dress Seasonally?

The changing seasons has me thinking it might be handy to pack away winter clothes so I have a bit more room in my closet. This way, I can pack away summer clothes come next winter and so on. But this doesn't look like it's going to work. Why? I don't really dress seasonally. Sure, the three heavy sweaters and two winter coats can go downstairs with the really wintery boots, but there are no summer clothes I'd pack away besides my bathing suit (which has to be handy in case I win a cruise or tropical vacation).
I can't really afford clothes that can't be layered and worn year round. Sure, some things take a little work, like layering skirts, but it can be done. My summer blouses look great under cardigans and jackets all winter, and those cardigans and jackets serve to keep me warm in the freezing summer air conditioning. I even layer sundresses over leggings and under heavy sweaters. Plus, I really hate the idea of taking pieces out of my wardrobe that could inspire new looks.

Do you dress seasonally?
Are there things you pack away for part of the year? What are they?
Or do you try to make things work for as many season as you can?


Bronnie said…
I do the same thing, keep all my summer clothes out during winter to layer with things. In summer i don't get to do any layering as it's far to hot in sydney for me to do so.
Fanya said…
I do the summer/winter packing.

During spring break, I usually pack away all winter boots except the most versatile one, and pack away all winter coat except the most versatile one (that frees up lots of space since they are so bulky).

During Thanksgiving, I pack away all non-layerable blouse (translucent ones and ones with ruffle/bow stuff), all short-sleeves except for 2 (for the unexpected days), and all skirts except for 1 or 2 shortest one (its almost too short for me with bare skin but makes my chubby/legging-clad legs look longer). Winter at my place is windy and 30-10F from Dec to March, so layering anything other than long sleeve, wool, and coats will make a frozen popsicle out of me.

The only tops I leave out year round is long sleeve shirt, and tank tops that can be worn as underlayer or outside turtlenecks to make things less boring. And mid-calf cowboy boots, which are acceptable in summer and winter.
Jael Paris said…
Fanya, you make a great point. I have tops that aren't really layerable because of the decoration. I have a cardigan I can't wear in the winter because the sleeves are too bulky for my coat sleeves.

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