Oscar Party Dresses

Someday, I'm going to throw a fabulous Oscar party complete with ballots to predict winner (closest ballots will win little Oscars), Oscar winning movie themed treats and, most importantly, a red carpet. I will ask my guests to arrive wearing something inspired by a famous (or imfamous) Oscar look. I wouldn't expect anyone to hunt down floor-length copies, but I'd hope they'd find versatile, wearable looks that echo the best dressed of days gone by.

Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her first leading role. She not only took the acting world by storm upon her arrival, but she also secured her title as a style star right from the start with this ladylike lacy overlay dress by Edith Head. A delicate belts will transform this Ebullient & Flow dress, Modcloth $52.99, into a rather lovely replica.
Hallie Berry worn one of the most talked about dresses in recent years when she took home her little gold statue. The Ellie Saab gown taught us the name Ellie Saab and sent the fashion world fluttering for days. It's hard to live up to this kind of innovation and glamour, but these two dresses give it a shot. Pictured: But An Illlusion Dress, Modcloth $84.99; Floral & Lace Dress, White House Black Market $79.98
Julia Roberts is indeed one of Hollywood's prettiest women. She inspired a vintage fashion movement when she wore this Vintage Valentino to collect her statue for Erin Brockovich. A few black and white numbers echo the lines and elegance of Robert's famous look. Pictured: Black V-Strap Dress, Modcloth $67.99; Black & White V Outline Dress, Modcloth $47.99
Michelle Williams wore won of Jael Paris' favorite Oscar looks. Everything about this looks is lovely, and the color is daring. A tierred dress by Terani, $220, captures the neckline while this currently out of stock yellow ruffle dress from Modcloth, $99.99, captures some of the attitude of William's look while being more casual and re-wearable.
Grace Kelly lived a real-world fairy tale by actually becoming a princess. Her red carpet days certainly showed she could dress the part, escpecially when she wore this iconic Edith Head creation the night she received an Oscar for her work in Country Girl. This Sea Lily dress from Modcloth, $109.99, replicates the lovely draping on the skirt. But if you want to copy the draping silhouette, this fluid dress, also from Modcloth for $49.99, will get you close.
Bjork can't help but come up in Oscar dress talk. He swan dress will flap through fashion history as long as the Oscars exist. Replicating this look is more fitting for Halloween shops or thrift stores. Perhaps a toy store visit is in order since a swan head is very necessary. Those wishing to forgo the thrill of a swan hunt can buy this replica from Etsian lauralyn for $250. Waiting for prom clearance is another option since this poofy pick-up dress from Windsor $129.90 is only missing a disembodied swan noggin.


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