New York Fashion Week FW 2011: Ruffian, Elie Tahari, Suno

Who: Ruffian
What it made us think of: Le Smoking and Edwardian ruffs mashed up
What we liked: Menswear looks, ballet looks, lace, neck ruffs
What we didn't: Some of the material looked cheap, the houndstooth seems out of placeWho: Elie Tahari
What it made us think of: What is black, white & red all over? (The white part reminded me of Hoth chic).
What we liked: Lux knitwear, lace, boots, leather, layers, coats, wraps
What we didn't: A few blank pieces in an otherwise bold and busy collection, some overstylingWho: Suno
What it made us think of: The revival in Betty White's popularity may have been the inspiration to revive Golden Girl's style--in an eccentric and rather hip way.
What we liked: Mixed prints, strange layers, bright colors, flowing dresses, vintage look
What we didn't: Zig zag print, these pants?, the sun & moon print, the overdone knits
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Jael Paris said…
I want that Ruffian coat!

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