New York FW 2011: Ralph Lauren, Preen, Proenza Schouler

Who: Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: vintage Yves Saint Laurent and frequent trips to an opium den
What we liked: This collection makes New York city's obsession with black refreshing and new. See also: jewel tones on the shoes, belts and ears; finely cut pants; red lips; pin stripes; Asian embroidery; vintagey jewelry; black leather.
What we didn't: Nothing. Seriously, this is Ralph's best show in years.
Who: Preen
What it made us think of: Quilters who smoke pot
What we liked: surreal geometric prints, colorful shoes, orange, bright blue, navy, lux wool pants
What we didn't: The appliques look like mold. The strong horizontals in many of the looks create a choppiness.
Who: Proenza Schouler
What it made us think of: Someone put Bill Cosby, The Great Southwest, and Africa into a blender, drank the unholy juice and threw it up.
What we liked: The looks pictured are the only ones with promise.
What we didn't: Everything else. The pants and jackets were so sloppy, that if I hadn't seen their other work, I'd question their skills. See?
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