Rate the Red Carpet: Oscars 2011

The Academy has voted. The Oscars have been awarded. Now, it's your turn to vote. Last week, Jael made dress suggestions for several Nominees. This time, someone even followed her advice (well, kinda)! Tell us which fashion choices you prefer in the polls below.

Annette Bening donned grey sparkling gown with bold piping details. My first response is The Dress Is All Right (sorry, had to), but once I saw it inside in the darker, evening feel of the Oscars, I liked it better. I do feel the lines to hit her body in better places, but she really didn't do bad. What do you think?
Natalie Portman had the challenge of dressing a baby bump, which is no small feat over the course of awards season. He dress was nice, but with all the hype over what she would wear I feel a bit of a letdown (though, I can't really fault a girl in purple). The short dress would have been a standout when everyone else was wearing gowns. The lovely, and regal cape gown would have offered the comfort of her purple dress while staying away from typical maternity styles. Did she make the right choice? Or could she have chosen better?
Nicole Kidman gets points for effort here. She tried to do something unique and structured and interesting, but we felt it had a lot going on and didn't quite suite her proportions. What would you choose for Nicole?
Michelle Williams didn't need our help picking a dress, but she and Jael must have been communicating telepathically since she chose a customized version of the Chanel Couture gown Jael picked (middle). Her's seems more fitted with a lighter under color and toned down contract edging, but that's just the beauty of wearing Couture clothing. What do you think of her choice and customizations?
We also dressed Julianne Moore, but we didn't see her there. Was she missing or just not on the red carpet?


Princess said…
Great website! Very inspiring! We have very similar comments on the dresses from the Oscars lol and I completely kept my eyes shut to what everybody said.. I guess we were all on the same page! Love how your site is interactive! How do you add the voting?
VIsit my site and check out my snarky comments :D

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