New York Fashion Week FW 2011: Julian Louie, Jill Stuart, Prabal Gurung

Who: Julian Louie
What it made us think of: Learning basic shapes and primary colors
What we liked: Bright tights, architectural shoes (a collab with Aldo), color blocking, pockets
What we didn't: Elastic waistbands; the home-ec PJ pants (fine if worn as PJs); a couple boring, one-tone column dresses
Who: Jill Stuart
What it made us think of: How an architect might seen natural
What we liked: Color blocking, nighttime fox & owl prints, geometric dresses, little belt bags
What we didn't: Repetition
Who: Prabal Gurung
What it made us think of: What all the edgy rocker girls should be wearing to parties (a few looks already went to parties and drank too much, but they still worked)
What we liked: Criss cross tights, all the dresses, sheer overlays, pretty sleeves, edgy jackets, leather obi belts, lace, ruffles, menswear details
What we didn't:
The section of sheer dresses with doodads sewn on, muppet coats
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Anonymous said…
that red sheer dress =love!!!
great post.

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