Seth Aaron Henderson Collection Look-By-Look

As promised earlier today, here is a look by look analysis of Seth Aaron's collection. Spoiler Alert (albeit a weak and useless one probably): Seth Aaron won season 7 of Project Runway. The judges admired his showmanship, craftsmanship, inventiveness and bold choices. They didn't like how heavy-handed he can still be and said some pieces verged on being costumes. I don't see any costumes. I would wear all but maybe one or two pieces.

Look 1: The shoulders, the red, the leather, the bubble skirt, the gloves and the leggings, oh the leggings. Seth Aaron knows how to open a show. This attention getting outfit had me drooling at first step on the runway. And I need those leggings.

Look 2: Alexander McQueen ensured I would have a lifelong love affair with houndstooth suits and houndstooth paired with red. The construction and arrangement of the print are perfect. See the Look 3 picture to view the back.

Look 3: Seth Aaron told the judges he wanted to add an unexpected flowing look. If the judges had any doubt that he was a versatile designer, he showed them with this look. He took his harder aesthetic and made it work on a much softer level.

Look 4: This seems to be the Seth Aaron version of a little black dress. His black and white coat from Episode 6 has had me hunting for anything similar. This dress has already had the same effect on me. So simple, yet so stunning. Again, check out the back in the look below.

Look 5: This is the one look I don't understand. It looks cheap and rather unsuccessful. The lining of those flaps is red plaid, which seems like a cool idea if the flaps worked better.

Look 6: Yellow plaid coat. Polka dot leggings. Want and want. I love that he chose this bold colors like yellow and red to accent his black and white collection.

Look 7: These pants don't thrill me, but they're still pretty cool. Each piece in this outfit has a strong statement that will mix well with other pieces--quilted jacket, black ruffle-front top, and the quirky but cool plaid and leather pants.

Look 8: This mixed print look charmed the judges. Polka dots, herringbone and stripes. Each piece is strong on it's own, and the visual impact of the pieces together is perfect for the runway.

Look 9: This coat is my favorite piece in his collection. If I could only have one piece, this would be it (actually if I could have any piece). Seth Aaron has renewed my intense desire to have huge collection of stunning coats. WANT!

Look 10: The judges hated this. I kind of love it. It's unique. The accentuated hips are very cool. It's got this space-aged, insect-like feel to it. It's also another strong pop of color.

I don't fully understand the German/Russian Military inspiration except that there is a certain strength to the collection. It was a rather exciting collection to watch. Did you agree with Seth Aaron's win? Which look was your favorite?


Rachel said…
I want looks 4 and 6, plus all the awesome patterned leggings/tights. What a talented guy. I'm so thrilled that he won.
I am so happy he won. I love the inspiration he drew from!
saru said…
i was going through etsy, looking for tribal-ish necklaces-- and i came across leggings that might work in replicating Seth Arons' red dress & leggings look!
I can't rock these at all, but I'm sure some of y'all can. <3
Anonymous said…
look 10 could be translated into wearable just lose the leather diaper thing and make the top kind of a halter that floats over the purple skirt and it translates into great , i love the color if nothing else and would adore the yellow coat in this pattern
TParker said…
Looks 1 and 2 are my favourites.
Anonymous said…

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