How To Wear A Mini-Skirt

This post is not styling tips; it's literally how to buy and wear a short skirt. Countless women comment on celebrity ensembles that "it would be better an inch or two longer," which lead me to wonder if the majority of women are comfortable when the hem is anywhere but the knee. If that's you (or if you're the opposite and will only wear minis) here's a few tips.

1. Bend over. When you're in the dressing room, touch your toes and look at your butt in the mirror. Will everyone know your panties are striped? If so, either buy a longer skirt or be certain that you never move that way in everyday life. (It may seem silly to say since most women tuck their skirts under their thighs and crouch, but I've seen enough women in the grocery store bend at the waist that the psa seemed necessary.)

2. Know your butt. I have an ample booty, so a skirt that is a relatively modest length in the front may not be so in the back. Women with smaller rears could wear a shorter skirt without surprise drafts.

3. Know your thighs. Don't buy a skirt that hits the widest part of your thighs. It makes you look thicker and it looks, for some reason, skankier than a skirt that doesn't hit that part. Britney Spears is a frequent offender of this rule, and each time she breaks it, mothers gasp "Oh my!"

4. Wear a slip. Pencil minis won't get caught by the wind, but the popular full style will. Spare your sexy underwear for another day. I wear a mini slip and matching panties under my minidresses so if anything is exposed, it's a subtle flash of black silk instead of pink cheek. Tap pants will also work. If you really want to try minis but are uncertain about exposure, wear them in cooler months with opaque leggings or tights.

I recently bought a pink ruffle skirt from Target much like this one from Express. Check out our Facebook page to see how I wear it.


Unknown said…
These are great tips for minis! I really enjoy these kinds of useful posts. Thank-you!
Fanya said…
Yeah, minis don't work on me (5'9 and chubby). They always hit my mid-thigh or above.

I tried buying a mini-dress from, guess where it hits? middle of my buttcheeks (I'm wearing it as a shirt, with pants/shorts). Ha! so much for buying minis from stores for Asians.

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