Love or Loathe: Plaid Ruffle Dress

Clearly Urban Outfitter's plaid ruffle dress hasn't been too popular as it's on clearance in all sizes. Some people have tagged it "flamenco" and "80s prom", but I have to agree with the person who called it "Westwood." It's very Viv. I would wear it with Doc Marten's, a bowler hat and black leather fingerless gloves. No idea how else I'd wear it, so there's a mark against versatility. But for $34.99, I really like it. What about you?


Unknown said…
I actually think it's cute. And I would go the opposite way. Black tights and mary janes or black flats would "de-punk-icize" it.
Robin said…
I really like it too. I would go edgy, high high strappy sandals and maybe a waist belt.
Vildy said…
I really like it, too. Exactly as you proposed to wear it - a la Sally Bowles- and on you. Otherwise, I hate it and will leave it to you to pull off what I would not at my age - though I do have the patent Doc Marten knockoffs. :)
Ruffles and plaid- not a good in combo in my eyes. I understand the designer was probably trying to take something feminine (ruffles) and merge it with a little masculine (red and black plaid) however the end result was a miss. I'm a firm believer in plaid coming out in fall or winter, so if anyone were to purchase it, please wait until then to style it.
cute! I really love this!

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