Editor's Pick of the Week: Simple Maxi

I love those lazy summer days where not much is required of me. I can sit outside by the pool reading a book, drinking lemonade and eating grapes. It's these lazy days that make me wish I had a long, simple maxi dress to through on over my swimsuit so I could take a walk down to the little Italian market for a gelato.

The problem with maxi dresses is their lack of versatility. They are a spring/summer only item that I haven't figured out how to rework for the office or anything beyond a picnic of poolside barbecue. This means those lovely $80 maxis are out of the questions. I don't want to make a big investment. I also want something simple so next years trends won't make this year's dress out of date. And I'm picky so I want straps of some sort because I just find it more comfortable that way.

I'm very please to find this simple Lucky Brand braided strap maxi on clearance for only $24.99 from $89. It comes in Baltic Green (pictured) and Purple Palace. Now my only problem is choosing a color.


Someone said…
Oh I don't know...I wear maxi length skirts year-round with everything from T-shirts to sweaters and jackets, and depending on the dress you could certainly combine it with other over-layers and boots for it to function as a skirt.

If it's really summer weight it can still be layered over long slips and such (I always wear a slip with my skirts anyway). It does depend on the color, pattern and weight of the dress though whether it is really limited to hotter seasons.
Jael Paris said…
I find maxis lack versatility because I'm short and they trip me.

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