Steampunk Accessories

Hubby and I have been zooming through Doctor Who (we just finished season 3), and it's revived my steampunk love.* However, everyday isn't an occasion for your pocketwatch, pickup skirt, and trusty sonic screw driver. Since aliens aren't invading at the moment, let's shop for steampunky accessories to wear with our everyday spring dresses. But keep that screwdriver wood ring hip belt, Nordstrom $48
leather finger gloves, Revolve Clothing $41
clear frame sunglasses, Top Shop $36
lace gloves, ASOS $6.76
leather hip belt, Free People $88
feather top hat, Free People $88
pink frame round sunglasses, Free People $18
yellow ruffle belt, Coldwater Creek $32.99
nude corset belt, Top Shop $80
red cut out belt, Old Navy $15
ring detail hat, Lori's Shoes $34

*It's also making me think with a London accent.


rachel said…
I need more steampunk in my life.
Lesa said…
You are so funny! Love the lace gloves and the wide belts!
Rachel Le said…
I love the belt on the model in the first picture. We watched the first episode of the new season of Dr. Who- it was really good! I have very very vague memories of watching Dr. Who as a kid :)
Discount Codes said…
I like the all design but i don't like its color. I like hat. A girl with the hat looks good.

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