This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Time Travel: Bohemian makes a comeback, Jael Paris revists her prom dresses, and restyle those pieces from 1999 for 2009.

Start Shopping: Get darks for spring or more traditional florals, find vintage prom dresses, get some cute jewelry from the Etsy shop of the week, lust over this sunny shoe of the week, score McQueen on clearance, get mod for under $150, and nab this springtime vintage jacket or this cute vintage military dress.

Cast Your Vote: Tell us your favorite fashion magazine, choose one of these rainy day gems, and let us know if you save or splurge on floral prints.

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Just discovered your blog, love it!! These are fun yellow picks, I LOVE that long dress! My fav fashion magazine is InStyle, and I don't currently splurge on florals :) I like florals in small amounts, but right now most of my pieces are plain.

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