Jael Paris' Prom Flashback

I went to private school, and we has a special dress code for formals: no backless dresses, no mini skirts, no crop tops, no low necklines. Mind you, this was 2000 and 2001, the years that teen fashion decided tight, bejeweled bell bottoms and cropped scarf tops would be the best thing for prom. Ugh.

I bought my junior prom dress for $119 at a local boutique. I like the simplicity of the shimmery white dress combined with the over-the-top fun of the feathered shrug. One of my teachers thought it was both hilarious and fitting that I was the only girl sporting feathers. It was a big step for me to choose something form-fitting instead of the princess gown my adoring father would have preferred. (Please forgive the truly awesome masks; it's something I must do for work.)

That dress served me well. Six years later, I ditched the shrug for a sash and my great-grandmother's brooch and wore it down the aisle.

I didn't have a date for junior prom, and I had no hope I'd have a date my senior year. I refused to spend money or really care. I bought the red top at Deb for $10, and I'd had the black satin skirt since middle school. My awesome splurge was actually free. My parents sold second-hand jewelry, and I borrowed a 24k gold gypsy bangle and a 22k gold Indian wedding necklace (It was wrapped around my neck a few times). It looked great, but it was so foreign to Indiana teens, they thought it was costume.
becca will be posting her prom pictures soon, even though she tells me they are missing. I believe salmon pink was involved.


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