Vintage Picks: Prom Dresses

The dresses I remember most from my prom were the non-traditional dresses -- a few in Renaissance garb, a goth, one in duct tape. In a sea of seemingly identical Jessica McClintock's, the vintage and the outrageous stood out. If you don't want prom to be the first time in high school you fit in, try a completely period dress.
Top: red bubble dress, adVintagous on Etsy $54
lavender cape dress 1970s, bliss Vintage $45
teal and black architectural panel dress 1980s, Dusty Rose Vintage $60
purple rouched dress 1980s, Starlet Vintage $48
Bottom: black fringe sleeve drop-waist party dress 1980s, Black Raven Vintage on Etsy $72
gold zebra dress 1980s, Baddins Design on Etsy $14
black feather trim dress 1980s, Nasty Gal Vintage $168
Top: pink taffeta and velvet gown 1950s, Daisy Toad $78
yellow applique dress 1950s, Vintageous $255
purple velveteen and tulle ball gown 1950s, Vintageous $225
Middle: black and red party dress 1950s, Vintageous $175
pink jewel trim gown 1960s, Nickie Frye on Etsy $34
pale green ruffle dress 1930s, Karma Rox on Etsy $89
Bottom: navy and green one shoulder dress 1950s, Sydney's Vintage $117.50
baby blue mini dress 1960s, Grey Gardens Vintage on Etsy $175
striped velvet gown 1930s, Posh Girl Vintage $635


tractordog said…
the purple tulle ball gown and the blk/red 50s party dress...insane.

I only went to prom once. I wore a lavender beaded two-piece and my bf wore some sorta silver metallic suit. oh man...
Cathy said…
wow - what lovely prom dresses. So chic!!

I just made a list of the top 52 vintage items for women - would have loved to cover one of these fancy gowns. Would love to have you comment on the post

Amanda said…
I love the pink one!
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James Adam said…
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