Bohemian: 1999 vs. 2009

If there is one item of boho clothing still lurking in your closet, it's most likely a peasant top. They are super comfy, after all. In 1999, I wore my peasant tops with ankle length print skirts, crochet vests, chunky leather sandals, and a fringe bag. You can wear that same top again with slim pants, platform heels and an oversized clutch.

Maxi dresses are a big, flowing part of the bohemian look. In the nineties, they were usually worn with flats and some sort of big beaded earrings. To bring your maxi dress to 2009, accessorize it with tough leathers. Here, I used oh-so-trendy cage heels and a zip-happy cropped jacket to make the maxi city chic.
Bohemian: 1999 vs. 2009
Bohemian: 1999 vs. 2009 - by Fashion Me Fabulous on

Through high school, I carried around my mom's old crochet fringe bag. Chances are you have something similar lying around. While we used to wear it with print dresses and clogs (remember those?), try it this time with well-cut clothes in neutral colors. Try to avoid fringe and flowing fabrics.

Broomstick skirts are perfect for summer. Yummy breezes! In high school, my broomstick skirt, peasant top, leather belt and thick sandals doubled as renaissance fair attire. To update this warm weather staple, use bold or neon colors. Toss on a trendy statement necklace, and you're living in the now.


becca said…
I love this. I think I'll pull a few items out from back them to try to restyle them a little.

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