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Fashion Me Fabulous has made a few upgrades. Our web address is now The old address,, will continue working so old links to us will still bring everyone here.

The move happened last week, and everything seems to be fine. The RSS Feeds appear to have transferred over without incident, and you shouldn't have to update your feed subscription to keep it working. We had a brief hiccup with our followers, but that should be fixed now. If you experience any problems with the site, we are sorry, and please let us know so we can fix them.

Our new URL has a new email address to match. If you would like contact us for questions, comments or anything else, just email "editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com". Visit our new Contact Us page for more information. We also have a new About Us page.

So far, the only major loss from getting a new URL is the resetting of our Technorati ranking. If you really love us (and we know you do), you can head over to Technorati and favorite us. (You can even write a review!)

If you can't get enough FMF, you can follow our tweets on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook® where we publish additional content not found on the blog, and check out our Polyvore page for some fun with fashion.

Also, does everyone like the new spring banner? What are you feelings toward pink?


Rae said…
Fashion Me Fabulous,
Love your blog and love your new Spring banner - very creative. Also, wanted to let you know that I (dt2648) am following you on Twitter and have added your blog to "Our Favorite Blogs" at Your doing a great job and I will fav and review you on Technorati.
becca said…
Rae, Thanks! You're awesome. I'm so glad you like FMF. And thanks for the add. I'll have to check out your blog!
Anonymous said…
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