Dress Up Your Curves: Shoes For Everyone

I have a hard foot to fit. I wear a 10.5. This means most size 10s are too small and 11s are too big. Shoes can be hard to find. There are a lot of major shoe shops online that help sometimes, but I feel like I can exhaust those pretty quickly. Also, these shops only carry popular brands, which do not tend to carry odd sizes.

I've found several sites that carry my size and my mom's size. She wears a 10.5 wide. However, these sites do not have cute shoes. They usually have really high prices too.

Designershoes.com seems to be a little better than most. They still have the ugly shoes, but there are some fun shoes for strange sizes. I found a few cute sandals in a size 7 double wide for a friend.

carries several brands I've heard of and a few I haven't. Overall it is far from a perfect shoe source. The selection is hit or miss. I've visited a few times and noticed quite a fluctuation in what they have. The name of the site turned me off at first. The shoes are far from designer. The search is a bit slow too. And you do have to troll through a lot of ugly shoes to find the cute ones, which may not always be there.

However, this is one of the first sites that have pointed me to a bunch of hard-to-fit sizes. Mostly I've used it as a resource to learn about brands that do make my size or sizes of friends who have difficult feet. I haven't purchased anything yet to see if these are a good quality, but some products look pretty good for the price.

Does anyone else have a great shoe shop for hard-to-fit feet? Has anyone used Designershoes.com?

Andie Wedge $49.99 for sizes 10.5 & 11


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