Supposed Worst Fashions: Flowered Dresses

Catherine Horwood, the author of the Worst Fashions book, seems to think that flowered dresses are an atrocity. I'm not sure where she shops, looks at clothes or even what she wears, but flowered dresses are a classic feminine piece. I'm sure she had something like the bright flowered dress (pictured above) in mind, but I know there are people who can pull that dress off with a little styling.

Florals work great, especially in a dress. They are feminine. They can add a lot of color. They can soften an edgy outfit. And, overall, they can be a lot of fun.

Also, flowered dresses are very in right now. Did she miss the Flowered Armor-like dresses Balenciaga sent down the runway?

Has she been to the store recently to see any of the amazing flowered dresses you can buy? Because I've seen plenty pretty dresses covered in flowers, and I'm not even one to wear a lot of florals. This Athropologie dress is an example of a loud floral on a classic, fun shape.

Florals don't have to be quite so bold. This floral dress from Express, which is also available in skirt form, is a little softer and more wearable. It's a great party dress, and it isn't dated either.

If flowers covering your body doesn't work for you, there are a variety of florals to choose from A floral doesn't have to be all-over. It can be a subtle trim, like it is on this sun dress from Forever 21.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I looove flowered dresses, especially 90s revival prints and liberty / calico prints!I've posted my favorites on my blog. Hot!
- Market Publique
Rachel said…
Florals are so happy and feminine (when done right, of course)!
Jael Paris said…
I think my dad overdosed me on florals as a child. However, I like abstract florals and floral trim.
I can't wait for Spring to wear the 1960s inspired floral prints like I have seen in Mad Men and The Help. They are so feminine, and optimistic, they can't help but brighten your day.

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