Save or Splurge: T-shirts

Sometimes, jeans and a t-shirt are my ideal outfit. I have some from my mother's vintage tee collection, and I love to wear them with some jeans, heels, a great jacket and fun jewelry. I also like to just bum around in a simple t-shirt and skirt with a pair of sandals.

T-shirts can add a lot of fun to an outfit. I prefer vintage tees or tees with fun designs to those with snarky sayings or brand-name logos because they have more styling options.

However, I'm not one to pay much for a tee. Vintage tees are pretty easy to come by, or you can find a ton of fun shirts at Target or from various shops on Etsy.

What about you? Do you save on t-shirts too? Or do you splurge on a super fancy designer tee?

Monica Tee from Alis on Etsy $23


Jael Paris said…
I don't splurge on cotton tees, but I'd pay $30-$40 for a modal one. Mmm, modal.
Rachel said…
Save! I like to scrounge through the sale racks for tees... and everything else ;) I recently got four great (fun patterned) long-sleeved tees at Old Navy for $1.99 a piece!

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