Save or Splurge: Swimsuits

This is a tricky one. Usually for good fit and quality material I say splurge for the best you can afford. In fact, I've shopped for a good quality swim suit. I've even tried catalogs since I'm tall and prefer classic style one piece suits, which can be hard to fit length-wise.

However, the best swim suits I've found recently are from Target. So, I guess swimsuits are just luck of the draw because I have a pricey one and I have a cheap one. I can't say the pricey one is better.

While swim suits need to fit well and flatter, they typically get soaked in chlorine or lake water, covered in sand, left out in the sun to dry, and mistreated overall. I love lazy summer days so I don't want to fuss over an expensive swimsuit.

Which is it for you, Save or Splurge?

Merona Bandeau Swimdress $34.99


Annie said…
I don't go to the beach or a pool enough to really justify splurging on a suit. I buy one every few years, and this year I got one from Target. It's incredibly flattering. I didn't even cry when I tried it on.
Rachel said…
Splurge. Swimsuits are inexplicably expensive anyway, so I'd hate to see what a splurge looked like. I got my favorite two-piece from TJ Maxx, so I paid $13 (for both pieces) for a well-made suit.
Rachel said…
ACK! I meant SAVE!!
Jael Paris said…
Pshaw, Rachel. You really meant splurge. I know that you secretly desire a bikini made of gold sequins and lined with the eyelashes of baby seals.
Unknown said…
I really like bikinis like this. They're so flattering and they really make your figure look nice.

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