The Shirt-Skirt

Last summer, I was inspired by this anonymous Swede on the Sartorialist. Her skirt is her father's dress shirt. Since my father, a manly sort of clothes horse, passed away, there's a glut of button downs at my disposal. With materials in hand, I made a no-sew shirt-skirt.

Step one: Button the collar around your waist. If your waist is between buttons, you can pick up a collar extender at any tux shop for a couple dollars.
Step two: Pull the sleeves of the shirt inside out.
Step three: Pull the sleeves around the bottom hem of the shirt and tuck them back into the arm holes. This will create pockets.
Step four: From the inside of the pockets, safety pin the sleeves in place.
I'm somewhere between a size 2-6, and my dad's shirts were XL or XXL. I'm also 5'4". Keep that in mind when considering length. As you can see, my shirt-skirt is much longer than the girl's on the Sartorialist. Also, I think she ironed the lapels to curl like that. I usually leave mine buttoned down. Popping the collar will give you a high waisted look.
Because these shirts are so thin, I've found this look to be divine for Indiana's blazing, muggy summers. Also because they are thin, I always wear a slip underneath; it helps if I pop a button too. I wore a black one underneath my white shirt-skirt to create a clean line with my black tank.

Anyone willing to try the shirt-skirt?


Anonymous said…
No no no! Sorry, I just can't do it. I don't like how it looks.
becca said…
I've tried it. Since I'm taller I end up with a shorter look like the original picture so I like to wear tights with my shirt skirt.
Anonymous said…
I love this....looks amazing on you...I do this with cardigans and jumpers too...
Rachel said…
I tried it right after you showed me the first time. I thought it was fun, but hubby gave it the thumbs down, and he generally has pretty good taste. I think maybe if I got an even bigger shirt it might look better.
Anonymous said…
My sister and I grabbed the nearest dress shirt and tried it. It looks cute on her, but because we grabbed the shirt of our very lean brother, we might have to try getting one of Dad's next time! We're definitely intrigued.
Anonymous said…
Amazing! I am going to do a photo shoot with someone in a shirt skirt now!
These are just very interesting and creative!
Bespoke Tailor said…
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