Off-Beat Valentine's Jewelry

Many women are romantic, but that doesn't mean they like lace and glitter. If you're funky, edgy or just out of the ordinary, express your love with some of these Valentine's treats.
First row: rose gold kiss studs, Jules Smith, $125
anatomical print heart necklace, Paraphernalia on Etsy $20
fingerprint pendant, Imprint on my Heart $50-$2000
Second row: pink heart skull earrings, Shana Logic $12
IM kiss necklace, Sweet Tooth Designs $65
mended heart necklace, Ruby Girl on Etsy $36
Third row: key cuff bracelet, My Hools on Etsy $32
vinyl diamond earrings, Mod Cloth $14.99
razor blade heart silver, Analogous Jewelry, Elsewares $110

If you are thinking jewelry for Valentine's Day, look back at our tips for buying gemstones and gold.


Anonymous said…
This site offered some off-the-beaten path type Valentine Jewelry that is really interesting. My favorite is the gold lips earrings. Gives a whole new meaning to kissing one’s ear. But they are all unique. I like the dangly diamond shaped earrings too. I guess the trick is to not be trite and put some though into the gift. These definitely fit that bill, without breaking the wallet. Another great idea, and it’s free, is to visit the site for an opportunity to enter Dove Chocolate’s “Expressions of Love” contest. Winner receives a beautiful 5.58 carats “Baby’s Breath Diamond Necklace” worth 21K dollars. This bauble is sure to please and stop her in her tracks. It’s an attention getter to be sure and she will love that you won it by describing how you felt about her in the most emotional and creative way. I work for the company so I have an inside track. Enjoy your V-Day together

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