More Couture

Today brought more couture shows with some fabulous looks. I love looking through couture shows. Even though I'll never be able to afford, let alone wear, the clothing, couture shows are full of unique ideas, avant garde creations, and amazing construction.

Christin Lacroix created an elaborate collection with layers of fabric, patterns and color.

The Lace look on the left is quite wearable and pretty. The other looks are more typical of the collection and of Lacroix couture. The whole collection is very visually interesting.

Givenchy had a mix of ballet and menswear inspirations on their runway.

There was also a some bold leather pieces mixed in, which brought a tougher look to some of the outfits. The jacket in the middle looks amazing.

Chanel went for a very young look.

Much of the collection focused on the Chanel jacket by pairing various jacket looks with short draped skirts (left). It also included many fun, young party dresses (middle and right). Also, all of Chanel's girls wore ballet flats on the runway. For couture, this was a very youthful collection so I wonder if there will be anyone to buy it?


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