Vintage Shop: Hey Viv!

If you looking for great fifties style, Hey Viv! is the place to look. This fun vintage shop carries poodle skirts, crinolines, dresses, accessories, and vintage style clothing. Hey Viv! also specializes in plus sizes. The variety is amazing. A lot of the pieces are great for a vintage-y costume party. The vintage style pieces may not be real vintage, but they look great. Many of the dresses, hats, eye glasses, jewelry, and other fun accessories could be great additions to your everyday wardrobe. Overall, the store is a fun place to shop.

Hey Viv! 50's Vintage Fashion Hat: Red Roll Brim $18.99
Hey Viv! 50's Style Cat Eye Glasses $9.98
Hey Viv! 50's Vintage Apron: Queen of Hearts $14.99


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