Project Runway S12 E4 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. Sandro is gone! He threw a hissy fit, ran out the door, possibly broke a camera and/or camera person, and never returned. Tim Gunn informed the judges that the left, couldn't be found and was disqualified. I don't really think they looked that hard.
The progression of Sandro about the punch the camera/camera person
2. Because Sandro left, no one was eliminated. Now they can all create in a Sandro-free environment.

3. Before Sandro left, he inspired Tim Gunn (or Top Gunn as Sandro called him) to say this: "Be yourself... Be Sandro, and I'll be Top Gun."

4. Bow ties were the challenge inspiration, and bow ties are very cool so that was fun!

5. Jeremy's grandmother passed away the day before this challenge so I understand how his garment got doubty (he was doing a tribute). The jacket was lovely and well made. Styling and different pants would have gone a long way (and he is usually good at pants). Also, I'm not sure why he looks amped up in this photo. He was really even keel the whole episode.

6. Bradon won. He wove the top out of ties and did this crazy stitching technique with it. It looked possibly insane when he was doing it, but awesome when his model walked the runway.

7. Also, Bradon's model--I hope we see more of her after this.

8. Honorable mention goes to Kate. I loved loved loved her tuxedo pant with a "stripe" that mimiced the shape of a bow tie. She'd never made pants before either so brava, Kate! The top also features bow tie details and a cute halter in the back.

9. Honorable mention and the official request to walk into my closet now, goes to Dom's dress. Look what she did with bow ties! The dress is so cute. Want!

10. Sue's dress wasn't the worst of the week, but it was strange. She also seemed to think it was brilliant, which worries me. Zac Posen had fun dragging this poor model around by the bow tie tentacles. At least it was memorable?

11. The judges had too much fun this week. Wearing bow ties must be good for one's disposition.

12. I don't really have twelve thoughts this week, but previews for tonight show Tim Gunn losing his cool. I'm worried. Also, it's a team challenge. At least we get to do it without Sandro.

What were your thoughts on this episode and Sandro's walk out?


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