The Power of Looking Silly

I recently ran across this quote:
"There is power in looking silly and not caring that you do." - Amy Poehler

When I get dressed in the morning, "looking silly" is rarely (but not never) my goal. However, the fear of looking silly has dictated a lot of fashion choices, social choices and general lack of risk-taking choices throughout my life. When you looked silly, you got laughed at. The other girls at school told you were you ugly and whispered loudly (and within earshot) about how silly you looked. You got weird looks. You didn't get asked to the party. You didn't fit in.

The truth is, I probably look silly to a lot of people because of the way I dress. I'm sure pink tights and purple Mary Jane shoes aren't expected when I go some places. I know I go overboard when I play with color or accessories. I would expect to end up in the the back of a magazine with a black line over my eyes occasionally if I lived in a place with more fashion street photographers. I like to play with my clothes. It doesn't always work perfectly. It doesn't always look as good to other people as it looks to me. But I don't really care. (Most days. I can't pretend I'm impervious to all snickers and insults. I'm not). And I do find that there is power in looking how I want, silly or not, without obsessing over how other people see me. I don't want the fear of "looking silly" to stop me from trying new things in fashion or in life. 


Rachel said…
I've always admired you and Jael for being bold with your fashion choices.

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