Love or Loathe: Platform Wedge Sneakers

Usually, I loathe any sort of heeled sport shoe, but sometimes they catch my by surprise. Maybe it's the retro feel of this one from Pin-up Girl, but I suspect it's the colors that really grabbed me. I have a weakness for shoes that are completely impractical (Give it a few weeks and I'll be wistful about dove grey suede boots.), and white wedges just scream for attention from dirt. There is a black version of these shoes with a leopard toe and a blue version with a pink wedge, but neither is as interesting as the mint and white. I would love to wear these with a sundress or with rolled jeans and a lace top. Are these cute, of should I go back to bed?


Anonymous said…
I think going back to bed is always the answer.

In the case of these shoes, not really a fan.

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