Etsy Shop of the Week: Inedible Jewelry

Shop: Inedible Jewelry

Why We Love It: It's just all so cute. I don't know why jewelry made from food is so adorable, but it is. I love that it's not just fruits and dessert. There are lobsters, popcorn, olives, pretzels and ants on a log. It's quirky and strange and fun, and it kind of goes against that rule "don't play with your food." (Why was that a rule?) Now you can wear your favorite food as jewelry rather than as a stain from spilling lunch.

Price Range: $16 - $34

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Favorite Items:
Click through the slideshow below to see favorites from this shop.

Pictured:  Cherry Pi Pie Pendant $16; Cheese Plate Necklace $30; Peas and Carrots Earrings $34; Peppermint Earrings $20; Orange Earrings $32; Croissant Earrings $24; Birthday Cupcake Earrings $24; Saltine Earrings $24; Honey Bear Earrings $26; Chocolate Bunny Earrings $24; Artichoke Necklace $22; Toast Necklace $24; Buttered Corn Neckalce $22; Toaster Pastry Earrings $24; Ants on a Log Neckalce $24; Coffee to Go Earrings $32 (also pictured above)


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