Etsy Shop of the Week: Fulyas

Shop: Fulyas

Why We Love It: I'm imagining these as part of a romantic comedy plot. Our protagonist, we'll call her Stacey, has it all--the man of her dreams, the engagement ring, the professionally planned island wedding where they will get married, barefoot, on the beach. They thwart all the traditional wedding trappings, including her families tradition of handmade wedding shoes, for their bohemian soiree. However, once on the island, things start to go wrong. All the "bad luck" superstitions start to come true. Soon, Stacey is stranded and she must find her way back before her wedding. She must all get a pair of wedding shoes before everything is doomed. She meets a mystic on her way who guides her not only to these barefoot weeding shoes, but also to the true meaning of family and tradition.  Pictured: Organza flowers barefoot shoes, $43

Price Range: $29.50 - $62


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